Increase Efficiency at your Scales

Automatically capture weights or manually enter weights in your scale software.


Collect Weights from Industrial Scales

Collecting weights is an important step in an end-to-end scale management and ticketing process. Efficient and accurate weight capture ensures smooth operations at your scale house or facility.

Industrial weigh systems, including truck scales, rail scales, and floor scales, generate data your business needs to record for operational and accounting purposes. Weigh trucks, trailers, containers, rail cars, and capture gross, tare or net weights associated with a customer transaction. Weigh by the ton, pound or kilogram, and collect, store and manage this information for billing and invoicing.

Collect weights for trucks entering and exiting your site to determine net weight and cost of materials. Obtain weight for hauling, delivery costs and inventory. Add weights to a ticket and provide printed truck scale tickets to your customer, or email them directly from the software.


Connectivity with Your Scale Indicators

Interface with almost any scale and read weights from a scale indicator. Display weights in your scale software and automatically record and add the weight to your scale ticket. Continue with processing a ticket quickly after you capture the weight and close out the transaction for billing and invoicing. You can also enter weights directly into the ticket.

Connect to multiple scales at your facility. Number scales at your site and select which one you want to capture weight from before creating a new ticket.

Automate your weight capture. Speed up the ticketing process. Stop handwriting tickets. Passing weight information directly from your scale indicator makes obtaining weight simple.


Multi-Weigh Capabilities

Add multi-axle weighing allows for additional gross or tare weight on a single truck pass. Use when a scale is too small to fit the whole truck on the weigh platform.

Managing scale operations is made easier with access to all your weight and ticket data within one application. Capture weights in your ticketing application and process tickets for your customers promptly.