How much does SMSTurbo scale software cost?

SMSTurbo is a highly flexible product that can adapt to the needs of your business. Pricing is dependent on the size of your operation and the features and add-ons that you select. We tailor each proposal to your business and quotes can vary drastically. Contact one of our solutions experts to schedule a consultation and complete our needs analysis to get the most accurate quote for your scale operation.


Can SMSTurbo integrate with my accounting system?

Our virtual accounting interface allows us to integrate with a variety of accounting packages. Specific functionality depends on the accounting package. Many of our customers use QuickBooks, which is our most powerful accounting integration.


Does my software purchase include hardware, like computers, printers, cameras, etc.?

All SMSTurbo purchases include software only. Add-ons, like signature capture, cash drawer interface, and unattended weight systems require additional hardware. Creative Information Systems can add hardware to your proposal for an extra charge.


Do you sell industrial scales?

Creative Information Systems develops, sells and supports scale software. We do not sell scales. However, we do partner with scale manufacturers and dealers who can help you with your project.