Create and Track Orders or Jobs

Order Management is one of the most powerful tools for your scale operation.


Organize Your Tickets and Transactions

Fulfill orders with multiple loads and tickets over time for a single job or regular business. If you have a good relationship with your customer, you can provide special pricing for a large order or long-term client.

Sometimes jobs require drivers to come to your site multiple times to pick up several tons of material for a project, such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone. Maybe they’re dropping off several truckloads of waste over a given month or year. Other times, you just want to keep track of a customer’s purchase history for specific materials. Order management is perfect for your repeat customers who complete reoccurring transactions.


Invoice by Order or Job

You can support customers who want to set up jobs and have their transactions tracked and invoiced by that job. Select businesses warrant special pricing. You’ll have complete control over pricing and save hours when it is time to change product pricing. Stop flipping through a rate book during the scale ticketing process by setting up specific price sheets for your customers, even when they are not using an order.

Manage material price and track scale transactions for a job, fulfill an order, and accurately billing for that order is challenging without the proper tools. You can save yourself hours of work with complete control over jobs and pricing and sync job information with your accounting system.


Key Benefits

  • Set up customer orders and jobs
  • Set limits and restrictions per order
  • Generate quotes and convert them to orders
  • Set up special pricing based on customers and orders
  • Invoice based on orders
  • Set terms by order
  • Create user defined fields


*The SMSTurbo order management works in conjunction with other options. To invoice based on orders the SMSTurbo Billing option or an Accounting Interface is required.

Learn more about SMSTurbo Scale Management Software or SMSTurbo Fulcrum Web-Based Scale Ticketing.