Simplify Invoicing

Manage associated delivery and pickup charges with your ticketing software.


What can I do with this add-on?

Whether you are delivering your product to customers or picking up waste and recyclables you need to manage charges to make sure that this service is a source of profit, not a liability. The SMSTurbo Delivery and Pickup Charge add-on will help you do just that.

You’ll have the flexibility to charge based on mileage, units, locations or any combination. Indicate rates on the material, customer, order, or change this information manually during ticket creation. Manage your business the way you want to.


Key Features

  • Charge by the mile or kilometer
  • Charge by the quantity (ton, pound, kilo, yard, etc.)
  • Charge by the quantity per mile (Example: $1.25 per ton, per mile. 4 tons at 6 miles = $30.00)
  • Charge by flat rate Delivery by Zone or Location*