Run Unattended and Driver-Assisted Software

Operate efficient and profitable operations with unattended scale management.


Fully Unattended Solutions

Unattended scale systems are extremely reliable and well suited for operations with multiple sites or sites with lower traffic volume. Process transactions with an unattended kiosk and supporting SMSTurbo scale ticketing software.

Take advantage of state-of-the-art software and hardware. Adopt time-saving technology and process to increase profit margins of your business. Run ticketing operations without Weighmaster intervention. Implement unattended ticketing for significant cost-savings in the management of your scale operation. Realize a return on investment within months.

SMSTurbo can control gates and lights and display messages to the driver as they approach the scale. RFID tags, magnetic stripe readers, bar code readers, proximity tags, video image capture and remote ticket printing, are available.

Configure in a nearby scale house with a kiosk that can be mounted directly on a scale. Drivers process transactions without leaving their truck. Swing away mounting arms protect kiosk hardware. Equipment can guarantee operation in nearly any climate, environment, or weather condition.


Remotely Attended or Partially Unattended

Remotely attended scale ticketing can be performed for remote sites from hundreds of miles away. Deploy as a perfect solution for seasonal sites, temporary sites, or any place where it is not economical to maintain a full-time weigh master. Partially unattended scale ticketing will significantly reduce traffic at your operator attended scales. Many customers assign personnel from busier sites to monitor additional sites. Combine intercoms and cameras to eliminate the need for a scale operator at locations with low traffic volume.


Scale Indicator Integrations

Manage fully and partially unattended, and remotely attended scale ticketing options through the SMSTurbo integration with programmable scale indicators.

Creative Information Systems interfaces with the Rice Lake 920i and the Fairbanks Scales FB3000. SMSTurbo unattended allows you to configure prompts and selection lists that show up on the screen of the kiosk. Traffic control devices managed by either the kiosk unit or our software add to the successful management of unmanned ticketing.


Key Benefits

  • After hours operation with less overhead
  • Interfaces with video/image capture
  • No scale operator required
  • Tickets can be updated manually when needed
  • RFID, Mag Strip, and Bar Coded control options
  • Great for exit scale operations when you only need to complete the ticket
  • Control gates and light for security