Improve Plant Operations

Overhaul your ticketing and billing processes.

With SMSTurbo, your asphalt operation can enhance scale ticketing transaction speed, reduce operating costs, automate billing and grow revenue. The system helps increase transaction accuracy and reduces the risk of theft or loss.


For asphalt operations SMSTurbo provides these benefits:

  • Customer specific price lists
  • Order/Job specific price schedules supporting graduated volume discounts
  • Import tickets from batch plant systems
  • Load scheduling/dispatching
  • Delivery charges automatically calculated by customer based on tonnage, mileage, tonnage by mile, and flat rate.
  • Delivery costs tracked for subcontracted haulers
  • Single software solution for asphalt and aggregate ticketing
  • Invoicing by customer order/job
  • Billing – generate invoices automatically using SMS Turbo’s own Billing/Accounts Receivable module or with more than a dozen interfaces to standard accounting packages
  • Invoicing can be generated daily for faster turnaround of receivables


Creative Information Systems, Inc. offers SMSTurbo, the scale management software package with the versatility to adapt to the demands of various business requirements. SMSTurbo is a multitasking, integrated scale management software system for asphalt plants and asphalt recycling operations.