Software for your Waste Operation

Scale software is vital to any waste and recycling operation.

Facilities that need to collect and organize data from industrial or truck scales. It is also important for sites that need to track daily volumes to conform with permitting compliance and applicable waste management regulations.

Integrate with Accounting

As a waste management software application, SMSTurbo captures and stores information in a database which you can integrate with leading accounting systems via our virtual accounting interface and API.

These are powerful accounting tools, allowing organizations to map scale transaction information into specific accounts and data fields in the target accounting solution. Waste and recycling operations can more efficiently and accurately generate invoices, handle purchase orders and billing, and create reports. Reporting functions are built directly into our software to provide operators the ability to layout and produce custom reports.

Waste Management Software provides these benefits:


Product Highlights

Our waste management software improves dispatching, ticketing inventory, and billing for Weighmasters. Operations in the waste and recycling industry use our software to accurately collect weights, track materials and quantities, and report on the daily activity of their sites.

The software is NTEP certified and connects to the scale indicator, captures weights, and allows businesses to manage transactions by capturing and storing gross, tare and net weights. Materials, quantities, prices, taxes, drivers, trucks, customers, and additional information can be associated with the transaction, as needed, and tickets can be printed or emailed with relevant information.

Results for Waste Customers

The greatest benefits that our customers see in the waste and recycling industry are in cost, efficiency, and accuracy of their operation. Automation leads to faster scale ticketing at the scale, improved accounting, bookkeeping and billing processes, and minimization of manual work. Reduce billing and reporting functions that took hours in the past to minutes.

Many organizations install unattended or remotely attended systems at their sites to allow repeat customers to bypass an attended scale. They utilize unattended kiosks, gates, lights, radio and proximity ID tags, and photo eyes to keep these unmanned systems secure and reduce truck traffic. We also work with process controls to improve facility automation. Sometimes, you need to report to government agencies. The location module is used by several landfills and transfer stations to record and track pertinent information about where the load came from, as well as items like taxes and fees.

Automation leads to more accurate data with fewer mistakes, which typically occur when entering information into systems by hand.

The use of unattended systems helps to reduce payroll, increase profitability, secure scale operations, and improve traffic and customer satisfaction with fewer backups at the scale.