Manage your Data Effectively

Leverage powerful tools to manage information at your scale operation.


SMSTurbo Utilities

Whether you have IT members on staff, utilize a third-party IT service, or have a limited IT capability, we’ll direct you towards the best data storage solution for your operation. Our team will provide tools and best practices for maintenance and backup of your database.

Don’t risk losing valuable information you need to run your business. SMSTurbo offers various methods to backup, restore, import, and export data related to your scale ticketing transactions.

  • SQL Query Tool – provides an editor for querying the SMSTurbo SQL Server database
  • Database Size Tool – provides information on the size of the SMS database in Microsoft SQL Express versions to review if you are close to database storage limits. See our notes about different versions of Microsoft SQL below
  • Backup Database Tool – backup the SMSTurbo database. Backups of your database should be performed daily. The backup tool allows you to backup all data, including transactions and tickets. Your IT department can even setup automated backups with the right SQL tools
  • Restore Database Tool – restore the SMSTurbo database
  • Purge Tickets Tool – remove tickets from the SMSTurbo database. If you have old ticket data taking up space in your database or slowing it down, purge transactions that you no longer need to keep
  • Purge Other Data Tool – remove non-ticket data from the SMSTurbo database
  • Export Ticket Tool – export ticket data from the SMSTurbo database
  • Export Other Data Tool – export non-ticket related data from the SMSTurbo database
  • Customer Balance Export Tool – users to export customer order balances from the SMSTurbo database
  • Import Ticket Tool – import ticket data into the SMSTurbo database
  • Import Other Data Tool – import non-ticket related data into the SMSTurbo database
  • Customer Balance Import Tool – import customer order balances from a remote SMSTurbo database


Microsoft SQL

As your scale operation runs throughout the week, scale management software collects data as part of the scale ticketing process. SMSTurbo ticket information for each of your transactions is stored in a SQL database. This allows you to retrieve information about ticket history, run reports, and manage your data.

SMSTurbo can be setup with Microsoft SQL Express, which is the most cost-effective for small-scale operations with limited storage needs. The maximum database size with this option is 10 GB per database.

For additional storage, advanced analysis tools and better integration with external databases we recommend utilizing a full version of Microsoft SQL Server. We can help you implement advanced database tools as part of your scale management solution.

Learn more about SMSTurbo Scale Management Software or SMSTurbo Fulcrum Web-Based Scale Ticketing.