Track and Manage Product

Store materials in SMSTurbo add to your truck scale tickets quickly.


Maintain Materials

Materials are the core of your business in aggregates, waste, recycling, scrap metal or mining industry. Setup materials for selection during the ticket creation process. Define units of measure, create material categories, and charge taxes as needed.

Store direction for materials. Set materials as an Incoming or Outgoing transaction. Use for load and material tracking and change as necessary when adding to a ticket.

Assign specific prices and delivery rates to each material.

  • Store material unit of measure
  • Set material direction (inbound/outbound/unknown)
  • Create material categories and add new materials to existing categories


Material Pricing and Costs

Associate a price with every material you sell. Set the price for each material so you can charge your customers based on the quantity or weight of the material they are purchasing.

  • Price
  • Material label
  • Cost
  • Minimum charge
  • Miscellaneous charges (handling fees, fuel charges etc.)

Create related costs with a material with the material costs add-on.


Track Material Inventory and Sales

Inventory management is necessary for various business functions. It’s especially important with materials when you have limited stock and customer orders to fulfill. You can also utilize inventory tracking to review volume and sales by a material.

Keep track of inventory at your yard or facility. Stay informed about the product you have and follow what material is moving in and out of your site. View the total amount you’ve sold, by quantity, pounds, tons, and dollar value.

Manage inventory in a more efficient manner and get a complete picture of your operation and the materials you’re moving across the scale.

Learn more about SMSTurbo Scale Management Software or SMSTurbo Fulcrum Web-Based Scale Ticketing.