SMSTurbo software add-ons extend scale management functionality available to your team. Choose add-ons based on your goals and the type of information you manage. Configure SMSTurbo to manage your operation, capture additional information on your ticket and handle payments, orders, pricing and tax information at your sites. Purchase Add-ons as part of your SMSTurbo scale management solution. Schedule a consultation with a solutions expert to learn about the add-ons that are right for you.


On and Off Site

Delivery and Pickup Charges

Manage associated delivery and pickup charges related to your scale transactions so you know how to invoice your customers. Charge by distance, quantity, or set a flat rate.

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Delivery and Pickup Costs

Keep track of work with outside haulers and manage delivery and pickup costs. Use the SMSTurbo Trucks Cost Report to review profitability and verify billing.

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Location Tracking

Track incoming and outgoing materials and know where they are headed and where they came from. Maintain locations for jobs and orders for delivery and tax purposes however you need.

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Mobile Ticketing

Take advantage of the latest mobile technology. Configure SMSTurbo to work with mobile forms so you can collect and manage ticket data on a mobile device or tablet.

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Imaging and Information

Electronic Signature Capture

Capture signatures electronically at your scale and store digital copies of tickets. SMSTurbo can interface with signature capture hardware to reduce printed tickets and related costs.

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Fingerprint Capture

Leverage electronic fingerprint software tools and hardware with SMSTurbo to capture fingerprint images and add them to tickets during scale transactions to meet government regulations and requirements.

Image Capture

Capture and store images with tickets. SMSTurbo allows for images to be added to the ticket screen and can store pictures of the truck, driver, load, license plate, or weighmaster.

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Driver’s License Capture

Utilize an electronic card reader to scan driver’s license information and add it to a ticket. Print data on the ticket or make it available to reporting.

Document Scanning

Scan documents and add them to your SMSTurbo ticket data. Like any other image, scanned data can be attached to a ticket and referenced later.


Pricing and Payments

Credit & Debit Card Processing

Accept credit and debit card payments right at the scale house. Improve cash flow by processing payments during scale transactions directly from the ticket entry screen.

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Cash Drawer Interface

Integrate a cash drawer with SMSTurbo scale software and secure your cash. Eliminate loss, theft or damage of valuable company assets and protect your bottom line.

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Order Management

Take control of jobs and customer pricing and rates with orders. Fulfill customer orders, accurately track and manage related tickets, and invoice easily with a connection to your accounting system.

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Offer prepayments for customers and tracks the balance as tickets are created. After a customer makes a prepayment, the total of each related ticket is subtracted from the account.


Modify tickets after creation but before invoicing. Change a ticket’s material, material price/cost, location, job, and customer manually or in bulk. Especially helpful in industries with fluctuating material prices.


Advanced Features

User Defined Fields & Tables

Easily create custom fields on the ticketing screen and other windows. Add additional functionality and design by defining and adding fields with specialized functionality and rules for gathering data.


Store and manage information for trailers, including tare weight, type, size and registration. Associate with customers and haulers and add trailers to a ticket transaction at the scale.


Create tickets in advance for future transactions. Dispatch saves ticketing entry time when multiple loads are outgoing or incoming from the same job or customer.


Run unattended and driver-assisted scale ticketing with SMSTurbo. Configure at the scale or in a scale house, with options for RFID tags, image capture, proximity tags, and remote ticketing printing.

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Manage multiple sites with SMSTurbo. Assign separate users, customer accounts, ticket ranges, materials, and locations to each site and organize in a central database for administration and accounting.


Import and export ticket data from the SMSTurbo database for operational and accounting purposes. Move data from site to site and leverage the Auto Export tool to move data easily.

Advanced Reporting

Expand your reporting capabilities with SMSTurbo Analytics. Utilize Microsoft® Excel Pivot Tables to access data and review business metrics Use Excel to create charts and graphs of business data.

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Online Reporting

SMSTurbo online reporting provides a portal for your employees and customers to view reports and real time ticket data. Provide a password controlled environment and limit acess by user.