Secure Your Cash

Cash is an asset. How are you managing yours?


Why do I need a Cash Drawer?

Having a cash drawer is worth considering if you have a high-volume of cash and check transactions. You can protect your bottom line using a secure cash drop compartment with a locking cover.

When your operation accepts cash payments at the scale, it’s important to eliminate loss of valuable assets. Factors such as employee theft, robbery, administrative error, damage, or errors made by the scale operator can lead to differences between recorded transactions and actual money on hand.


Integrate with your Software

Scale software that connects directly to a cash drawer makes handling your payments effortless. Integrate your cash drawer to SMSTurbo with the Cash Drawer Interface which will open automatically anytime a ticket is printed for transactions marked with cash or check payments.


Key Features

  • Drawer opens automatically for Cash and Check Tickets
  • Removable Cash Tray for easy accounting
  • Lockable Drawer Standard USB interfaces
  • Sets under your Monitor or mounts under a counter


*The SMSTurbo Cash Drawer Interface option is software only. This option is compatible with particular MMF or Indiana cash drawers. The actual cash drawer is available from CIS for an additional fee.

Learn more about SMSTurbo Scale Management Software or SMSTurbo Fulcrum Web-Based Scale Ticketing.