Follow Incoming and Outgoing Materials

Manage location-based truck scale ticket data at your site for a variety of uses.



Know the destination of your deliveries for outbound materials and the origin of your incoming materials. Estimate pickup and delivery charges, hauling costs, and taxes. Retain data and report to government entities for compliance.


Pickup and Delivery Options

Maintain multiple delivery and pickup addresses for tickets, jobs, and orders. In conjunction with the Delivery and Pickup add-ons, you can assign charges to tickets based on the delivery and pickup location.

h3>Government Reporting and Taxes

Track local tax rates for easier payments. Capture load origin on tickets for compliance, especially in the waste industry. Never again will you need to scramble through a box of tickets to get the information you need for detailed reports that you need to file.


Key Benefits

  • Track truck scale tickets by Town, City, County, State, Zone, Cell, etc.
  • Charge for Delivery or Pickup based on Location
  • Set up Tax Rates based on Location
  • Detailed reports help you understand where your business comes from
  • Location reports to meet government requirements
  • User defined fields
  • Know where you are making your money and where your money is going


*The SMSTurbo Location Tracking option works with other add-ons. You will need the SMSTurbo Delivery Charge add-on to charge based on zones or locations.

Learn more about SMSTurbo Scale Management Software or SMSTurbo Fulcrum Web-Based Scale Ticketing.