Creative Information Systems, Inc. has been fortunate to work with some amazing people and organizations. We have dedicated this page to allow them to share their thoughts:

H. L. Robinson Sand & Gravel, Inc.

“We are confident that when the billing information comes over from SMS to FOUNDATION, it will go to the right division, trucking delivery rates will be separated out from gravel income, and the sales tax will be correctly tracked. It works seamlessly, and it’s so easy.”

Laura Schurter, H.L. Robinson Sand & Gravel

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Dunning Sand and Gravel

“I have looked around to see if anyone is doing something better than SMSTurbo. I’ve never found anything as good as what CIS has. CIS’ dedication to constantly enhancing its software and the company’s emphasis on customer service and support keeps SMS in the driver’s seat, and at the scale, at Dunning Sand & Gravel.”

Ben Dunning, Dunning Sand and Gravel

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Northwest Rock, Inc.

“The ability to reprint tickets to mail to customers with their invoices is probably my favorite feature. The Customer Usage reports are also very helpful.”

Merri Sayamnet, Northwest Rock

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Dewey Cook Scrap Iron & Metal Co.

“The result of implementing SMSTurbo configured to meet the exacting requirements of the law has led to zero challenges with law enforcement for over a year,” said Kezter. “The benefit is that we get to concentrate on running our business in the most profitable way possible.”

Greg Ketzer, Gene Cook Inc.

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