Unattended Scale Ticketing with Fairbanks FB3000

In this short video we’re going to demonstrate how a Fairbanks FB3000 can be used with SMSTurbo in the production of an unattended ticket.  On the background of the screen you’ll see the SMSTurbo scale software that will be running on the customer’s PC.  This can be somewhere on their local area network or potentially could be located a great distance away from the unintended scale on a wide area network.

Information that is collected through the unattended ticketing system is immediately available in real time to SMSTurbo in the back office.  This information is  available for reporting, web-based reporting, ticket reprints, analytics, and billing into any number of different accounting packages that are available through SMSTurbo accounting integration options.

Using a Fairbanks FB3000 Indicator with SMSTurbo Software

  • This can be utilized in two forms of operation depending on network connections available. “Low bandwidth” serial interface with speeds as low as 9600 bpm allows for those areas where Ethernet topology just doesn’t work.
  • This uses a special purpose built terminal emulator “text command” language so the user experience is not diminished by the low speeds.
  • High-Speed ethernet interface where network topology allows full packet data connections.
  • Kiosk ticketing application can run on the device rendering a higher form of graphical user interface. In either case, graphic features like “on screen” signatures is allowed and quickly gathered. Local printing is available in either mode.

SMSTurbo unattended systems support the use of long-range RFID antennas, short-range proximity card readers, bar code readers, magnetic stripe readers, digital image capture through web cameras, long and short range intercoms, gate control units, radiation detectors, and credit card processing.