SMSTurbo Unattended Truck Scale Ticketing with Cardinal 825 Indicator

In this video, we’re going to demonstrate the use of a Cardinal 825 scale indicator.  In the background window you will see SMSTurbo unattended software running.  In the front window, you will see the actual Cardinal 825 scale indicator. All of the information that is being supplied to and being captured from the indicator is being controlled by the SMSTurbo software running on the PC.  This PC could be mounted as close as a few feet away and as far away as hundreds of miles. The combination of hardware and software takes advantage of simplified interface and the rugged hardware of the Cardinal scale indicator, while still utilizing all of the power and flexibility of SMSTurbo.

Information that is collected through the unattended ticketing system is immediately available in real time to SMSTurbo in the back office.  This information is now available for reporting, web-based reporting, ticket reprints, analytics, and billing into any number of different accounting packages that are available through SMSTurbo accounting integration options.

  • Using a Cardinal 825 Indicator with SMSTurbo Software
  • This uses a special purpose built terminal emulator “text command” language for operations on low speeds from 9600 bpm as well as higher speeds to 115k bpm.
  • SMS Ticketing coupled with this product and indicator offer a color touchscreen user interface making the Driver Assisted operations extremely pleasant.
  • Out of the box facilities offer all the power of SMSTurbo ticketing for an easy Driver assisted experience.

SMSTurbo unattended systems support the use of long-range RFID antennas, short-range proximity card readers, bar code readers, magnetic stripe readers, digital image capture through web cameras, long and short range intercoms, gate control units, radiation detectors, and credit card processing.