Introducing SMSTurbo Fulcrum

Scale Ticketing Online

Organize and track your scale ticketing transactions in an easy-to-use web interface. Manage vehicles, haulers, customers, materials, and process and print tickets from any web browser.

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SMSTurbo Fulcrum Customer Management - Creative Information Systems

Manage Customers

Store customers for quick look up during your ticketing process. Maintain basic company information and track customer credit status, so your operator is alerted at the point-of-sale.

SMSTurbo Fulcrum Customer Management - Creative Information Systems
SMSTurbo Add On's - Creative Information Systems

Manage Materials

Input your inventory of materials for look up on your ticket screen. Set materials as inbound or outbound materials for proper gross and tare weight capture.

Create Tickets

Add trucks, customers, materials, weights, and quantities. Manage open tickets, void unwanted tickets, and organize completed tickets to be invoiced.

Print Tickets

Print tickets for your customers at your scale house. We support several thermal printers so you can print a basic receipt for the transaction.

Invoicing and Ticket Export

Export tickets and create invoices to send to your customer. You can select tickets to invoice by client and date range.

SMSTurbo Online Reporting - Creative Information Systems


SMSTurbo Fulcrum includes several standard reports for you to monitor your business performance. Run ticket lists, customer usage, and material usage reports.