Scale to Revenue

Easily turn scale tickets into customer invoices, save time billing, and get paid faster.


Connect Your Apps

We created SMSTurbo Fulcrum to make scale ticketing easy for operations that want simple and cost-effective scale software. We chose to integrate with QuickBooks Online to make accounting at your scale house easier too. You can run all of your ticketing and accounting through a web-browser with a limited amount of setup.

Connecting SMSTurbo Fulcrum with your accounting system requires minimal effort. All you need is a QuickBooks Online account (sold separately) and your QuickBooks login information to get started.

Under Company Settings, you have the ability to connect your QuickBooks Online account.

Connect to QuickBooks


Setting Up Customers and Materials

To ensure consistency between Fulcrum and QuickBooks Online, Customers and Products should be set up in QuickBooks Online and imported into Fulcrum. This process can be performed with the click of the mouse from Fulcrum.


Exporting Tickets

SMSTurbo Fulcrum allows users to export ticket data into QuickBooks Online and create customer invoices.

Once tickets have a status of “Completed” they are available to export to an invoice. You can export tickets by customer, date range, or all tickets available for export to QuickBooks. Once you export, they will no longer be available for export on the Accounting tab.