Tarheel Quarry Customer Success Story

As a recently hired Weigh Master for a quarry in Pennsylvania, my employer asked that we computerize our scale and ticketing system.

Needless to say this was a major upgrade at our facility, and I was very surprised to find that there are numerous software products on the market for this type of application. However, my new employer had already narrowed the field down to three choices that he felt were the most accommodating for our needs. SMSTurbo was his second choice actually, but when I started looking at the choices in more depth, it quickly became a first choice.

Consequently I have this application in use now, and for the past three weeks. I have already trained an alternate Weigh Master in the event of my absence, and that training went quickly, as this program is very user friendly. I am very satisfied with our choice in software. But I was, and still am, even more satisfied with what it took to get to this point. My purchase, installation, and training experiences were outstanding. Every person I dealt with through these experiences was very attentive to our needs as an organization, as well as to my needs as an individual working directly with their product.

Let me escape the professional demeanor for a moment and put it like this; I not only had my sales representative’s e-mail address and direct extension at the office, I had his cell and home phone numbers, and was encouraged to use them if necessary. The installation had it’s glitches, however they had much more to do with our operating system than anything else. This resulted in my spending more time in touch with the support staff at Creative Information Systems than was probably normal.

This experience was just wonderful, we had a chance to be a little more personal than usual and I actually feel as though a friendships have been created out of all this. The staff are all just very personable and more than willing to accommodate their clients. And to me, most importantly, they are not afraid to admit their human and treat people with friendliness, and humor, and human kindness. It was very evident to me that they enjoy their work, they enjoy their co-workers, and they believe in their product. In this day and age, it just doesn’t get any better than that other than if you’re one of the fortunate few to have the pleasure of doing business with them.

~Cheryl L. Johnson-Brooks

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