Greenway Recycling Customer Success Story

We have been using SMSTurbo since April of 2013. From the very beginning Creative Information Systems has been a joy to work with, highly professional and very responsive to any of our concerns.

It saves us $40-50k every year

We run our scales unattended and it has eliminated the need for an extra employee, so right off the bat it saves us $40-50K every year. Additionally, because we no longer lose any tickets to drivers leaving or failing to fill out manually with the correct commodity, we probably picked up an additional $1000+/- each month.

Invoices are automatically sent to the customer at scale out and our cash flow has also improved

On a very small site (less than 2.5 acres) we process up to 180 trucks per day, regularly running 130-150 in and out. The average time in our yard has been cut to about 7-8 minutes maximum from scale in, tip and then scale out. Invoices are automatically sent to the customer at scale out and our cash flow has also improved with customers getting invoiced in real time. We are not open to the general public so almost all of the drivers who come in have been here multiple times, which does help the overall flow here.

We had a fair amount of custom work from them in our software and it has all worked well. We are upgrading to the new system later this year and the few things that we wanted to change will happen within the change to SMSTurbo Version 10. Our entire office staff, including all payroll management, HR, AP and AR is the owner and me, barely 2 full time employees.

All data from the scale tickets is fed to our accounting system (we use SAGE) where we do all bookkeeping for the business.

We credit SMSTurbo for helping us go from a business that was running fewer than 100 unique transactions per day three years ago to one that does 130-180 per day now and with a decrease in man hours to do it.

Support has always been exemplary and we are very sensitive here to great customer service, both giving and receiving.

We like the program and all it has brought with it.

Eric Wentland, Business Development Manager
Greenway Recycling, LLC

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