Extend the functionality of SMSTurbo to anyone, anywhere, via any web enabled device

Extend the functionality of SMSTurbo to anyone anywhere via any web enabled device

There is no question that we rely on our mobile devices for just about everything today. Order a pizza for delivery, schedule an Uber, or check on the status of your Amazon shipment. Now, through the use of the SMSTurbo Online Portal, you can extend the power of SMSTurbo to anyone, anywhere, via any web enabled device. Whether your preference is Apple or Android, phone or tablet, laptop or PC, you can use your device of choice to access SMSTurbo.

This is not limited to your employees. You can greatly enhance your customer service by enabling your customers to access their own SMSTurbo reports without ever having to call your office and interrupt your personnel. If a customer needs a ticket reprint on the weekend or needs to know the status of an existing Order they can use the Online Portal to run these reports on their own. Empowering your customers to run their own reports provides them with a resource that gives them the information they are looking for instantly and does so without interrupting your personnel. It is rare to find a tool that offers better customer service and increased efficiency.

Mobile Reporting is just the beginning. Your sales personnel can visit customer sites and provide Quotes and new Orders right from their phone. Need to make some adjustments to a customer’s pricing based on their volume? Not a problem, do it through the Portal. Would you like to enable your drivers to update a ticket upon delivery? With the Portal’s Ticket Update form driver could capture an image, an electronic signature, date/time stamps, and enter delivery notes. The Online Portal even offers a Mobile Ticket form that allows remote operators to generate new SMSTurbo tickets via their mobile device. And all of this information is updated in your SMSTurbo database in real time. New information is immediately available to your office personnel and other mobile users.

In today’s mobile world the SMSTurbo Online Portal is essential for creating a competitive edge, exemplary customer service, and the most efficient use of your personnel.

Creative Information Systems, Inc. is a leader in automated scale management software solutions that help organizations and municipalities accurately track and record truck or industrial scale transactions. The company’s SMSTurbo solution gives organizations better control over scale ticketing transactions automating the ticketing process and can integrate with accounting solutions for seamless end-to-end operations. Our products adapt to your business process and dramatically help to streamline the ticketing and billing tasks.

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