SMSTurbo Ticketing Overview

SMSTurbo V10 Overview Video

SMSTurbo V10 overview video demonstrates the latest generation in truck scale ticketing software with unparalleled configuration tools and next generation reporting tools.

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SMSTurbo Ticketing and QuickBooks

SMSTurbo Truck Scale Ticketing with QuickBooks®

SMSTurbo with QuickBooks® video is a detailed demonstration of the tight integration between QuickBooks and SMSTurbo. CIS is the only Gold developer for integrating QuickBooks to truck scale ticketing software.

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SMSTurbo QuickBooks Jobs and Orders

SMSTurbo Scale Ticketing with QuickBooks® Customers and Jobs

SMSTurbo with QuickBooks® video is a detailed demonstration of the tight integration between QuickBooks and SMSTurbo. This video focuses on the integration for Customers and Jobs.

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SMSTurbo Sage 50 Integration

SMSTurbo Sage 50 Integration Video

This is a detailed video demonstrating the integration between SMSTurbo and Sage 50 US Edition. This video features the ability to easily record scale ticketing transactions in Sage 50 US Edition (formerly Peachtree) accounting.

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SMSTurbo Pricing

SMSTurbo Truck Scale Ticketing Pricing Structure

This video outlines the various pricing structures and logic in SMSTurbo.

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Unattended Scale Ticketing

Unattended Truck Scale Ticketing

How an unattended ticket can be generated by a truck driver through SMSTurbo’s touch screen interface on a standard PC.

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Ricelake 920i

SMSTurbo Unattended Ticketing with Rice Lake 920i Indicator

SMSTurbo Unattended Ticketing can use this industry standard scale indicator as the driver interface. The indicator can be configured in a rugged weatherproof kiosk or in a scale house.

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Unattended Touchscreen Kiosk

Unattended Ticketing with Touchscreen Kiosk

SMSTurbo Unattended Ticketing kiosks can be configured with this user-friendly color touchscreen display. Available in multiple configurations.

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SMSTurbo Ticketing Overview

Unattended Truck Scale Ticketing In Action

Creative Information Systems SMSTurbo Unattended Scale Ticketing in Action

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SMSTurbo Mobile Ticketing and doForms

Mobile Forms with SMSTurbo and doForms

SMSTurbo integrates with doForms to provide mobile-ready forms for team members on the go. Keep track of delivery status, update drivers with deliveries and routes, all from a mobile phone.

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Landfill and Transfer Station Software

Truck Scale Ticketing for Transfer Stations and Landfills

Using Creative Information Systems SMSTurbo for Truck Scale Ticketing for Transfer Stations and Landfills

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Scale Software Reporting

SMSTurbo Analytics – Microsoft Excel Pivot Table

SMSTurbo Analytics offers availability of virtually all SMSTurbo data in a Microsoft Excel pivot table. This video provides an overview of this extremely flexible reporting tool.

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Scale Ticketing Signature Capture

Electronic Signature Capture option for SMSTurbo Ticketing

The Electronic Signature Capture option for SMSTurbo can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork that you need to maintain and can provide your customer with a more professional and cleaner looking ticket.

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SMSTurbo Hauling Software

Hauling Charges and Costs

This feature of SMSTurbo allows the system to automatically calculate the amount to be charged to the customer for Delivery or Pick Up of product as well as track the amount owed to a third-party Hauler.

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Scrap Metal Software

Scrap Metal Scale Ticketing

Demonstrates one of the many ways that SMSTurbo can be configured to support the needs of the Scrap Metal Ticketing industry

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SMSTurbo Ticketing Overview


The Dispatch by Order feature allows you to pre-create one or more tickets and schedule them for completion in the future directly from the Customer Order screen.

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